Walking buddy

Weight loss: 30,8 kilo (68 lbs)

This week I have not been to the gym, but I have been active in other ways. First of all my brother and his girlfriend got the keys to their new house and I have been there for an afternoon to help them. On Wednesday I was at the cat shelter to do some volunteer work (which means: cleaning.) And on Thursday I went for a walk with my neighbor. It was supposed to be only 12 kilometer, but somehow I ended up walking 16,5 kilometer on that day. Something went wrong there. All in all this was still quite an active week.

The walking is something that I would like to do more often. My neighbor is searching for a walking buddy so we can do this more often, but I am pretty sure there are more people who would like to join me. At least I didn’t buy those outdoor boots for nothing. I will keep using them and who knows what will happen…

wandelroute driebergen 01

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