Healthy lungs & nasty shakes

On Friday I had my spirometry in the hospital in Beverwijk. My lungs are 100% okay, which is a good thing. This was the last medical examination for now, which means they will actually plan my surgery. I really hope that I will hear the date soon. Usually they call you two to three weeks before the actual date, but I think I have made it very clear that I just want to know it as soon as possible. Fingers crossed that I will get the news next week!


The day didn’t end after my trip to Beverwijk. In the afternoon I have met my support group for the first time. We spent the afternoon at the Nederlandse Obesitas Kliniek, which is situated inside the St. Lukas Andreas hospital in Amsterdam. It was the second time that the group came together, but that wasn’t really a problem. The people I met were friendly so I’ll be fine there. I did come home with a headache. We got so much information at once from a dietitian, a doctor and a psychologist. It was all quite useful, but there’s so much that I need to learn before the actual surgery. I am not looking forward to the diet I will be on in the last two weeks before the surgery, but I have a goal. I need to keep in my mind that this is what I want to do. Even if that means that I have to live on nasty shakes for two weeks.

Meeting the surgeon

Yesterday I had my first appointments at the hospital in Beverwijk. I had to be there at 10 am, but since the highway to Amsterdam and Beverwijk is quite busy we had to get up early. The letter they had sent me earlier this month said I would have two appointments that morning. First I was going to meet the bariatric surgeon and later on I would see the anesthesiologist. The people from the obesity clinic had told me that there would be a blood test as well so I was prepared for that.

In reality I was at the hospital all morning. The first stop, after the registration desk, was the surgeon. I was early but he could see me right away. It’s a nice man and I got a good feeling from him. He congratulated me with the fact that I got through the screening and he asked me if I had any questions.  He told me about possible complications and that the nurses take excellent care of you after surgery. There were some things he wanted me to do before the surgery and he actually had a to-do-list for me with everything that needed to be done. There were six steps on his list, such as planning an endoscopy, an appointment with a nurse and fill out some forms for the anesthesiologist. Of course there were several departments involved so it felt more like a quest or a game to me. When I was done it was time to see the anesthesiologist. I thought that would be the last step of the day, but I was wrong about that as well. He wanted me to get an ECG (which I could do right away) and spirometry (for which I had to plan yet another appointment.) Two days before I will have my surgery, I have to come back for more bloodwork.

It sounded to me as if Beverwijk will be my second home for the next couple of weeks, but the good news is that it’s actually happening now. In a couple of weeks I will get my gastric bypass surgery and that is my goal. That is what actually counts!

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