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My friend Lavender is a big fan of Etsy and she often shows me nice things. Today she saw a seller that has personalised weightloss surgery pillows. I have seen such designs before and I think they are awesome, but making them more personal is way better than just the pillow itself. It would be great to add your own surgery date on. So yes, I think this is great and therefore I wanted to share it with all of you.

I do have to add this silly comment. I am very happy with my gastric bypass in real life, don’t get me wrong, but now that I have seen these I do think that the gastric band plush is way cooler than the one fore the gastric bypass.

A good week

Weight lost: 34,3 kilo (75,6 lbs)

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In the past weeks I was a little disappointed with the results I got on the scale. I know that the numbers don’t say it all, but it was time for a bit of a good week. I am trying hard to eat well, drink enough, avoid sugar and fat and still  the pounds weren’t shifting the way I wanted them to. Until this morning. I stepped on the scale and then cheered. It has been a good week, for I have lost 1,2 kilo. That’s what I would like to see more often! I guess I’ll be having a good weekend now.

Less than 40

Weight lost: 32,2 kilo (71 lbs) 

This morning I hopped on the scale and got a pleasant surprise. The numbers dropped with 0,8 kilo and that meant that I had reached a new milestone in this weight loss journey. My BMI is lower than 40 now. I did a little happy dance, because this means so much to me! First of all it means that I went from ‘obese class III’ to ‘class II’. My weight is no longer ‘morbid obese’ and that is a big relief! A BMI lower than 40 also means that I would no longer qualify for gastric bypass surgery. Okay, I’ve had the surgery already, but it still sounds amazing to me. This is a big win and I am going to be happy today.

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