Surgery date for my gallbladder removal

Last night I have experienced yet another of those gallbladder attacks. It is getting quite annoying, but at least I know that it will all be over soon. On Wednesday the 17th of December I will have the gallbladder removal at the hospital in Beverwijk. Of course I am not looking forward to a second surgery this year, but I know it will make things better. I already know that I have to stay at the hospital for one night, because of my gastric bypass surgery. To be honest, I really don’t mind. Last time the anesthetics made me really tired and sick, so it seems safer to stay there for at least one night. I will let you all know when it’s over!

Ultrasound and gallstones

ultrasound gallstones

On Monday I have had another gall bladder attack. This time I was at my parent’s flat drinking a cappuccino. Apparently drinking coffee¬†should be considered to be a dangerous thing. I walked home and went to bed. Just like the other times, it went away again after 2 hours. I was not happy about this thought and the next day I called my doctor to schedule an ultrasound. I wanted to know if I have gallstones or not.

On Thursday morning I was at the hospital where I would get my ultrasound. It was done by a nice lady, but she couldn’t (or wasn’t allowed to?) tell me anything. So for the results I really had to wait until they would be available. That meant I had to wait yet another day. I am glad that the results were sent to the doctor right away and that they were available this morning. What we thought was true. There are little gallstones there and the fact that I’ve had a couple of painful episodes means they have to be removed.

So I have made another appointment with a surgeon at the hospital in Beverwijk and I will most likely have another surgery there. I am not looking forward to having another surgery, but this pain isn’t really funny either. I will have to deal with that somehow. On December 3 I will have the first appointment, and then I am secretly hoping for a bit of a waiting list as we have plans to go to London in January and I would like to be fit then, not tired from the anesthesia and recovering from surgery. We shall see what will happen next… I will keep you posted!