Back on track with a 30 day challenge

I am back and ready to go! On the 18th of August baby Marcel was born. Being a first time mum is not always easy, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. I am getting better at it though. Now that the baby is six weeks old, I am allowed to work out again. I am definitely out of shape, so I know I should take it easy in the beginning. That’s why I came up with a bit of a plan.

First of all, I need to look after myself. That means rest, drink water and eat healthy. That includes making sure I will eat (and drink) more proteins. As for exercising I will start easy. Just by going for a walk each day, but I want to add a 30 day challenge to my routine this month. Since I want my abdomen to get back in shape, I will start with a sit up challenge in October. Let’s see if I can get that done, before moving on to harder challenges.

30 day challenge