About Roxanne

My name is Roxanne. I was born in January 1984. I usually blog at roxxy84.nl (where I write my stories in Dutch), but I started this second blog for my weight loss journey.  I have struggled with my weight for (at least) the past ten years and it’s about time to change that. On April 24, 2014 I have had my gastric bypass weight loss surgery. I am hoping that the surgery will help me to get back in shape and restore my health. So far things are going great.

2014-07-25 00.20.41Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and still live there now. I share my flat with my boyfriend Huib, my baby boy Marcel (August 2015) and my two cats Bella and Kitty.
In the fall of 2013 I graduated at the university of applied sciences in Utrecht. In my dream job I would be able to combine writing, the internet, social media and event management. Since I was unable to find my dream job, I decided to become a freelance (copy)writer and create my own dream job. So far I am loving it.

I am quite an indoorsy person, but I would like to be more active. In summer I love hanging out with friends. I enjoy going to festivals and concerts, shopping or swimming for example. But I also need to spend time on my own. This time I use to write letters, read books, listen to music, work on my Project Life album and watch TV shows. Since my surgery I do go out at least once a day and I try to fit more walking and cycling in to my schedule. I wish going to the gym would be part of my weekly routine, but that is still a work-in-progress.

The name of this blog can be explained in different ways. First of all in the literal sense. When my stomach is rumbling, it feels like some monster inside of me starts to scream and kick me from the inside. It turns me into a real bitch sometimes. I do hope this monster will disappear with the surgery. Besides that I am a fan of Beth Hart and ‘Screaming for my supper’ is my favorite album.

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