My first outdoor boots

Before my surgery I was never the kind of girl who would go out for a walk and call it fun. I would walk somewhere if there was a reason or if there was something or someone waiting for me at the end of the road. Even then I would wonder if I could go by car or take the bus. Let’s say that I used to be quite lazy. My new me, or Rox2.0 as I like to call her, is slightly more outdoorsy and she at least loves it as her pedometer says she has met her goal for that day. One can make her own goals, so there is no reason to stay inside.

This week I will go to Switzerland for a couple of days with my parents. We’ve been talking about going for a walk there. My first thought was that I would need decent shoes. That might sound a little girly, but the old me would have thought something like: ‘I will stay at the camping with my book and I will see you guys later. ‘ So something has changed already and I kind of like that.

So today it felt like a good day to buy outdoor boots. My dad and I walked to the city center to buy them. At first I wasn’t really happy with all the brownish colors, but then my dad mentioned that the purple version would scare of the animals. That made me smile. So brown it was. I have tried on all kinds of shoes and in the end these were the ones that felt best. So here they are. My first pair of outdoor boots. Now I can’t wait to try them in Switzerland!

Outdoor shoes


  • Sorry, even een reactie in het Nederlands 🙂 Gefeliciteerd met deze aankoop! Ze zien er perfect uit voor wandelen. Zelf ga ik binnenkort ook nieuwe wandelschoenen scoren, want het plan is om volgend jaar met mijn broers en zus de vierdaagse van Nijmegen te gaan lopen. Loop je mee? 🙂

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