Friday weigh in

Weight lost: 42 kilo (92,8 lbs)

This week I had to be at the Obesity Clinic in Amsterdam for a weigh in and a morning with my support group. It feels a bit useless to weigh myself now that I am pregnant, especially since I am not allowed to lose weight. On the other hand the doctor wants to keep an eye on me. My last weigh in must have been months ago, so I did lose 15 kilo since I have been on the scale there. It still felt good.

Besides seeing the doctor, we also had a group meeting with our psychologist and the dietitian. We have been talking about our food goals and the crazy thought we might still have about ourselves and our weight loss. This week I had a bit of a break through on my own, so that was something I shared with the group. I am finally learning that I can just say ‘thank you’ when I get a compliment on my weight loss, instead of saying that I wanted to lose more or that it was only X kilo since I last saw that person. No, I have lost 42 kilo in 9 months and I am allowed to be proud of myself. I am pretty sure that there will be days that I am not so proud, but the fact that I am aware of this feels good.

I also told my group about my non-scale victories and how happy those make me. When I am not losing weight, I do try to look at what I have achieved beside the numbers and that makes me happier. The psychologist said that was a very good tip. To be honest I really think that I became more relaxed in the past couple of months. Yes, I wanted to reach my goal weight in 18 months. No, that is not going to happen now. That’s life. I am much healthier and prettier than I was one year ago and I love my new life! How is that not important? So yes, I am going to be proud of myself and I am going to be happy that I have done this for myself.

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