Lab results

Weight lost: 36,8 kilo (81,1 lbs)

In the past weeks I had bloodwork done a couple of times. Doctors, they all want my blood as if they’re a couple of vampires. First of all there was the doctor in the Obesity Clinic who wanted an update on my vitamins and some other things. I had to drive all the way to Beverwijk to get that done, which was 3 hours of driving for only 5 minutes at the hospital. We did combine that drive with a visit to Primark in Hoofddorp, so it wasn’t that bad in the end. On Tuesday the doctor called me with the results. All was fine. That was awesome, as it meant that my hemoglobin levels are finally high enough. I don’t feel different, but that sure sounds good to me.

The second blood test was done because of the gall bladder attack I had last week. My family doctor wanted to check if everything was alright with my liver, gall bladder, kidneys and pancreas. Yesterday I finally got those results back as well. For some reason everything seems to be normal. I have not had any pain anymore, so we decided to wait with the ultrasound. He can still get me an ultrasound when the pain returns, which I hope will not happen anytime soon.

Gall bladder attack

Weight lost: 36 kilo (79,3 lbs) 

gall bladder attackSource of the image

Yesterday Huib and I went shopping in Eindhoven. Not that I really needed anything, but I do love shopping. So I came home entirely happy with my new blue skirt with polka dots with a matching tights and some other stuff. The happiness didn’t last very long because before we were back home I started to have cramps in my upper abdomen. What was that?! I decided to ignore it at first, because usually pain goes away on its own, but this time it didn’t. When it became too much (around 9.15 pm) I called the doctor and scheduled an appointment for 10 pm. Before I was even dressed the pain became worse and I was rolling on the floor while crying that I was going to die soon. This hurt almost as bad as when I just woke up from my surgery. Huib got me in the car and drove me to the doctor.

When we arrived they wanted me to pee in a cup (I was pretty sure this wasn’t a bladder infection, but okay, whatever floats your boat…) and then wait in the waiting room. I didn’t have to wait though as the doctor was already there. He checked my pee (which was totally fine, like I told them already) and then he wanted to examine the abdomen. It took him about two seconds to find out what was going on. He was like “does it hurt when I press here?” and I responded with a scream and that was it. Yes, it was a gall bladder attack. I might have gall stones or something else, but there was nothing he could do for me right now. Excuse me, mister, I was in pain at that moment and not allowed to have any pain medication because of my gastric bypass. “We are not going to anything until Monday ” wasn’t exactly what I expected to hear at that point.

I am glad that the pain became less and less after that until it reached a level where I can deal with it without pain medication. I could even sleep through the night. I did decide to make this a lazy Sunday, because apparently my body is not in the mood do deal with anything right now. Right now it’s alright and I am not sure if I still want to call the hospital tomorrow to get an ultrasound and all to check what was going on. On the other hand I don’t want to experience this again, so maybe I should not be so stubborn and just let them check it out. I really hope that this was the first and the last time it was happening, but I am not sure if I will be that lucky.

So yeah, the troubles that come with having a gastric bypass surgery aren’t always nice. I knew before I did it that this could happen and that it is is quite common. On a positive note, I did lose 2 lbs this week and I do feel good about that.

6 months surgiversary

6 monthsSource 

Today is my 6 months surgiversary. The past 6 months have gone by really quick. So much has happened and on the other hand it feels like it was last week that I was at the hospital. At the moment I am doing great. I am not losing a lot of weight, but that is alright. I can deal with that. I have won so much already and I feel good. On top of that I am still losing a little weight every week, so as long as that number is going down, I am happy. I bet my doctor would like to see more results, but she still doesn’t count the fact that I have been sick the first few weeks and that I wasn’t allowed to do much. I was falling behind from the first day. Should I hate myself for that? No. I have changed so much and I am working my ass off, so she can talk all she wants, I am really happy with the results so far.

At the same time it feels like I am not done yet. There’s a lot that I still need to do. First of all I want to get fitter and then I still want to lose more weight. It will happen, good things take time. So I need to have patience. For now let’s just celebrate my 6 months surgiversary. The first 6 months of my new life are over and it all feels good. Let’s see what will happen in the next 6 months. I can’t wait to see where I will be in April 2015!

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