Weight loss surgery and pregnancy

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Weight loss surgery and pregnancy: Is it the end of losing weight? I never thought it would be. Yes, the doctors told me it would be good to stay at the weight I was at during my pregnancy, because losing too much would be bad for my baby. I am trying my best to do that. During the first two months I have lost a few kilos, but ever since the end of January the scale has been giving me the same numbers every week. In my eyes that means I am still losing a little bit of weight. I mean, the baby is gaining weight, isn’t he? So I just thought I’d go on like this, taking care of both of us, and as soon as I’d be up and running again after giving birth to my baby boy, I was planning on going back to losing weight. My idea was that I would be back on track in January 2016. Hopefully losing about 35 more kilos. (Or less, depending on how much I would lose on the scale when the baby comes out…)

So far, so good. Now today I was talking to one of the doctors at the Obesity Clinic and she told me a whole different story. She thinks I am being too optimistic and she told me to stop dreaming about losing more weight. In her eyes this will be my end station and I need to focus on not gaining any weight in the future. She even said that losing more than two kilo after my pregnancy was impossible, because the surgery would be too long ago by the time I will have the baby. I am not willing to believe her. I am currently at a bmi of 36 and I refuse to believe that this will be it. Yes, I am super happy that I have lost 43 kilo so far, but I want more.

Getting pregnant didn’t steal away the tool that has been giving to me by the bariatric surgeon. Yes, of course it will be harder to lose the weight when I am 18 months out, but I don’t believe it will be impossible. If I keep my portions under control and find a good way to exercise, why wouldn’t I be able to lose more weight? Everyone can do that, right? So I refuse to give up just yet. I would like to reach a bmi of 29 at the very least. That means I need to lose another 19 kilo from my current weight. Given that I am still carrying my baby I would say that it is not impossible. Let’s see where I will be at next year, because I really hope that I can prove them wrong!

10 months post op

So much has changed in the past 10 months. Sometimes I just need to see the difference to be able to believe it. Today I have taken a picture of myself in the mirror and I felt good about myself. Look at me, 10 months post op, 43 kilo’s less and 15 weeks pregnant. It looks much better than the picture from last year, where I still needed the surgery. And I think that was not even my highest weight. I really did fall in love with my new life!One year later

Friday weigh in

Weight lost: 42 kilo (92,8 lbs)

This week I had to be at the Obesity Clinic in Amsterdam for a weigh in and a morning with my support group. It feels a bit useless to weigh myself now that I am pregnant, especially since I am not allowed to lose weight. On the other hand the doctor wants to keep an eye on me. My last weigh in must have been months ago, so I did lose 15 kilo since I have been on the scale there. It still felt good.

Besides seeing the doctor, we also had a group meeting with our psychologist and the dietitian. We have been talking about our food goals and the crazy thought we might still have about ourselves and our weight loss. This week I had a bit of a break through on my own, so that was something I shared with the group. I am finally learning that I can just say ‘thank you’ when I get a compliment on my weight loss, instead of saying that I wanted to lose more or that it was only X kilo since I last saw that person. No, I have lost 42 kilo in 9 months and I am allowed to be proud of myself. I am pretty sure that there will be days that I am not so proud, but the fact that I am aware of this feels good.

I also told my group about my non-scale victories and how happy those make me. When I am not losing weight, I do try to look at what I have achieved beside the numbers and that makes me happier. The psychologist said that was a very good tip. To be honest I really think that I became more relaxed in the past couple of months. Yes, I wanted to reach my goal weight in 18 months. No, that is not going to happen now. That’s life. I am much healthier and prettier than I was one year ago and I love my new life! How is that not important? So yes, I am going to be proud of myself and I am going to be happy that I have done this for myself.

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