The pre-surgery diet diaries – week 1

Weight lost: 3,5 kilo (7,7 lbs)
Units of Red Bull Sugarfree I drank: 8

The first week is over and I am still alive. I’m not a happy girl at the moment, because this diet makes me feel weak and sick all the time. When I mentioned this to our dietitian she told me I should eat more salad and vegetables, but I already feel like I am eating too much of them. So my first impression is not really positive.

Of course it is all for a good cause and I am trying to keep that in mind. There’s only one week left until my surgery and I can’t wait. I am mostly excited and I love the fact that I can start thinking about different kinds of food when it’s over. Of course I would have to stick to another liquid diet after the surgery, but at least I can ditch the shakes then and ‘eat’ more different flavours. The things I seem to miss the most at the moment are meat and cheese. It’s not even about chocolate or junk food, but I miss my normal food.

I must confess that I have eaten a few things that I wasn’t supposed to. I slipped in some extra strawberries in the evening when I was craving for something sweet, I kept drinking Red Bull (I just switched to the sugarfree version and tried to keep it at one can a day), had a few bites of cheese and one day I even ate some meat. Yes, I have been cheating, but I simply had to get used to it. In addition to that I remembered a phone call from one of the nurses last week. They asked me if I wanted to have the surgery this week instead of next week. I had already made some appointments so I didn’t want to reschedule my surgery date, but I asked her if it was even possible because of the diet. She told me that one week would have to be enough in that case. So I let myself cheat a little, because one week would have been enough. Yup, not a very good reason, but that’s how my mind seems to work these days. I do not like that I cheated, but it does tell me how much work I still have ahead of me. This journey will not be easy and I have to keep my goal in mind, not just today, but also after the surgery.

To end this blog post with a positive thing, I will add a ‘Shake song of the week’ for you. It’s ‘Shake it out’ by Florence and the Machine. I have heard this song for the first time while watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother and I loved it immediately. So I will end with a song and I will write another update next week.


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