Plusheez via Etsy

wls plusheezThe image belongs to Plusheez

My friend Lavender is a big fan of Etsy and she often shows me nice things. Today she saw a seller that has personalised weightloss surgery pillows. I have seen such designs before and I think they are awesome, but making them more personal is way better than just the pillow itself. It would be great to add your own surgery date on. So yes, I think this is great and therefore I wanted to share it with all of you.

I do have to add this silly comment. I am very happy with my gastric bypass in real life, don’t get me wrong, but now that I have seen these I do think that the gastric band plush is way cooler than the one fore the gastric bypass.

Funny weight loss related websites

At night when I can’t sleep I love browsing on Instagram. There is a very active weight loss community there and we all support each other. I am glad to sit on the losers bench with all of them. But that’s not all I do on Instagram. I have also found a few wonderful websites there. One I really like is You can fill in your weight you’ve lost (in lbs) and it shows you something that weighs the same. For example, last week I had lost 35 lbs and that would be the same as 140 quarter pounders. Maybe it doesn’t help, but I do think it’s fun and it gives you and idea of how much you are actually losing.

Another website I like is With their simulator you can create an avatar with your height, weight, shape and hair color and then you can play with that to see what you could look like with a certain weight. Of course it doesn’t show all your specific bumps and shapes, nor will it show you the excess skin that will stay behind when you lose the weight, but it does give you an idea. So with their simulator I have created the image I posted below. It shows my heighest weight, current weight and then my ultimate dream goal weight. Wouldn’t it be awesome to reach that goal weight? I would definitely be thrilled!

HW CW GW 28-05


If you know any other websites I should check out, please feel free to leave a comment.