Back on track with a 30 day challenge

I am back and ready to go! On the 18th of August baby Marcel was born. Being a first time mum is not always easy, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. I am getting better at it though. Now that the baby is six weeks old, I am allowed to work out again. I am definitely out of shape, so I know I should take it easy in the beginning. That’s why I came up with a bit of a plan.

First of all, I need to look after myself. That means rest, drink water and eat healthy. That includes making sure I will eat (and drink) more proteins. As for exercising I will start easy. Just by going for a walk each day, but I want to add a 30 day challenge to my routine this month. Since I want my abdomen to get back in shape, I will start with a sit up challenge in October. Let’s see if I can get that done, before moving on to harder challenges.

30 day challenge

About a yellow rope and gaining one kilo

Every three weeks we’re meeting for group sessions at the Obesity Clinic with our support group. Today was one of those days. We had a session with both the psychologist and our physical exercise coach. Besides that it was time for another weigh-in.

The weigh-in was a bit silly. Of course I am not losing weight now that I am pregnant. They have told me not to lose any weight and other than that I haven’t gotten any tips and tricks on how to do that. Of course they have told me what kind of foods I should or shouldn’t eat, but that was about it. So I stepped on the scale. I had gained one kilo since January, which wasn’t so crazy. I mean, that baby inside me is growing like crazy and I am nearly 25 weeks pregnant, so it seems kind of normal. Well, apparantly it wasn’t. Suddenly it was like “You should gain more, this isn’t good for your baby!” Well, newsflash, I have been eating like ten times a day since I am pregnant, and the weight doesn’t stick. I don’t mind. I am healthy, the baby has a perfectly average size and weight for his age and we are both doing fine. It feels like there is no way to get it right with them, so I guess I shouldn’t let them get to me. It is driving me insane though.

red yellow and blueIn one of the sessions we have been working on an exercise on how we see ourselves at the moment. We all got to work with three ropes. A red one to show how big you THINK your waist is. A blue one to show what size you would like to have at the end of your weightloss journey and last but not least there was yellow. With the yellow rope we had to measure ourselves and then see if we were right about the red rope, or if things were different. Of course they were different. We all made the red rope too big. It is funny how our brain plays games with us like that. In my case we played the game a little different by the way. Red was what I thought I would be right now and blue what I would have been if I would not have the baby bump. Guess what? I am probably there already, without the bump, or maybe my waist is even smaller. That was a good sign, because I have been feeling kind of fat lately. I do have the bump on the front, but not the old fat at my back. So it is not as bad as it used to be. I need to remember that this is the baby I am carrying and not me falling back into my old patterns.

So let’s see what I will learn when I go back there in three weeks. I guess there are still things to learn from each other. This journey isn’t over, for sure.

One year surgiversary

Today it’s my one year surgiversary. One year ago, I was already in the recovering room, trying to wake up. It was quite a struggle and I ended up spending six days at the hospital in Beverwijk before I was allowed to go home. It wasn’t the best start and it took me months before I was able to eat all the food I was supposed to eat and take my supplements without nausea. Now that the first year has passed, I am happy that I have made this choice. I feel happier, healthier and much fitter.

One year surgiversary

One last look at these awful pictures that were taken when I was at the hospital. I was trying my best to be brave, but I felt awfully sick at the time. What followed was a year full of ups and downs.

  • First of all I have lost 95 lbs in the first 8 months;
  • I suffered from gallstones and they had to remove my gallbladder in December;
  • I have gained so much of my life back, with happiness and energy;
  • I got pregnant and we are expecting a baby boy. Still I managed to stay at the same weight since January.

one year later

These are the biggest things that happened during the last year. I have experienced so many non-scale victories during this year that I would need more than one blog post to mention all of them. I am just happy with where I am right now. I would love to lose more weight, but that would just be a bonus on top of everything else I have already achieved.

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