An appointment with my dietitian

This morning it was time for me to drive to the hospital in Amsterdam to meet with my dietitian. It was a group meeting, but since the group was divided in two parts for this meeting, there were only four of us. It was really good to see them though. I hardly recognized one of the women, because I didn’t see her since the beginning of May. Wow! She looked amazing.

Last time I saw the dietitian I wasn’t feeling very well. I was only two¬†weeks post op and I could hardly eat back then. My hemoglobin levels were really low then and my face was as white as a sheet. She mentioned today that I have more color on my cheeks and that I look better. Things are good actually. I can eat five to six times a day without getting sick. I make sure that I am eating my proteins first. I avoid sugar when I can. I am taking my vitamins and I am most certainly trying to make healthy choices. It is a massive change of lifestyle already.

We have to come back to the hospital for group meetings at the end of October, so until then I am going to try to lose as much weight as I can. Especially because we will have a weigh-in that day. My goal was to hit -40 kilo before that day and I am not entirely sure if I can lose that much in the next six weeks. Still got about nine kilos to go before I make it to that goal. At least I know what I want and I will go for it. That’s for sure.

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